"Well there’s nothing better to do I guess…" He muttered as the login screen popped up. 

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mun post

I am hoping to make a comeback for this blog. I really miss everyone and Tony. I do have things drafted but I don’t think I will reply to all of them but that doesn’t mean I do not want to rp with you. I am open to new threads and fresh ideas! :D Inbox me 

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Open rp




"Why are you in my workshop. That’s the what keeps going through my head. So pray tell are you here. Hurry up. Spit it out."

The girl in his workshop blinked and looked around. “I… Don’t know,” she said, not wanting to tell this guy too much. “I just… I’m not sure how I got here,” she confessed. She looked tired and unsteady on her feet.

"How do you not know? You had to ride an elevator to the top floor…." Tony pinched the bridge of his nose before letting out an exasperated sigh. "You are a horrible miss…." He let the sentence fall, unsure of what to call this woman.

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I haven’t been able to revive my blog because…wait for it…
I’m pregnant! :D and my morning sickness has been absolutely horrible o.o 

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//Guys I am hoping to slowly return to this blog and get it going again. Who is willing to plot with me? :D 

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I live o.o

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Relax metal man

"I absolutely can’t think of anything better to do today other than drink scotch and lounge on my couch. Lazy day it is." The mechanic muttered to himself as he padded over to the large black leather couch in his living room. Flipping down onto it he let out a sigh of relief. It had been a long week with tinkering with his new suit and he was so close but relaxing seemed perfect today.

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// I live guys. Life has just bulldozed me lately. So I have been absolutely busy. I want to come back and rp again. Hopefully I can start juggling tony and the twins like I use to xD

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//alright kiddos life has slowed down a bit for me so I should be starting back to to on here. College is out for the summer. My job isn’t too awfully demanding and so on. I’ll try to be on later today to do replies and so on.

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//Hey guys. College has been kicking my ass lately also my sinuses are acting up majorly today. Ugh. I might have some time to do replies today if I feel up to it. Sorry for my absence x.x

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